Why Squeezepod

Squeeze Pods go anywhere. Except all over your clothes.

ln these ultra-portable, airline approved toiletries you'll find luxurious lotions made with premium natural ingredients. And you won't find unhappy surprises when you open your suitcase.


We guarantee it! How can we be so sure? We torture-test Squeeze Pod toiletries at 55,000 feet, in luggage holds pressurized to 12,000 feet.

Premium Natural Ingredients

Squeeze Pod toiletries only contain natural ingredients and essential oils — no sulfates, parabans, phosphates, phthalates or other harmful chemicals.
They’re tested to be safe for kids and adults. Look at our ingredients - we bet you already love them!

TSA Compliant Air Travel Toiletries

Lightweight Squeeze Pod travel-size toiletries are under the TSA toiletries rules 3.4 oz limit for liquids. So while other travelers deep-six their bottles in the TSA bin, you’re good to go! These compact, single-use toiletries are perfect for long trips or quick getaways.

Easy to Pack & Carry

Now, for the first time, you can get top quality toiletries in a leak-proof ready-to-go travel size. They don’t make your suitcase heavier—and they’ll make your dry cleaning bill much lighter!



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