"The Foolproof Way
to Pack Without a
Single Leak"

-Luxury Travel Advisor

We guarantee it! How can we be so sure? We torture-test Squeeze Pod toiletries at 55,000 feet, in luggage holds pressurized to 12,000 feet. Plus: They're 100% crush-proof. Watch this video and be amazed!

Premium Natural

Squeeze Pod toiletries only contain natural ingredients and essential oils — no sulfates, parabans, phosphates, phthalates or other harmful chemicals.
They’re tested to be safe for kids and adults. Look at our ingredients - we bet you already love them!

TSA Compliant

Lightweight Squeeze Pod travel-size toiletries are under the TSA’s 3.4 oz limit for liquids. So while other travelers deep-six their bottles in the TSA bin, you’re good to go! These compact, single-use toiletries are perfect for long trips or quick getaways.

Easy to Pack & Carry

Now, for the first time, you can get top quality toiletries in a leak-proof
ready-to-go travel size. They don’t make your suitcase heavier—and they’ll make your dry cleaning bill much lighter!



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