Send your worries packing
and travel with confidence.



Packing for a trip?

Worried that those little bottles in your bag will snag you at the security checkpoint? 
That’s why inventor Kevin Garrity created lightweight, easy-to-pack pods designed for TSA compliance.

Worried that you’ll open your suitcase to find leaky lotions all over your best outfits? 
That’s why he chose strong, durable packaging that’s guaranteed not to leak or your money back.

Worried that the travel-sized products on the market contain nasty chemicals you’re trying to avoid?

Kevin and his family share your passion for natural, cruelty-free, vegan personal care products.  So he made sure travel-friendly Squeeze Pods contain only the finest natural ingredients.

After 4 million air miles—that’s eight round trips to the moon—corporate traveler Kevin Garrity felt your pain. So he applied science to solve those all-too-common worries.

Kevin is a second-generation inventor: His dad pioneered the disposable lighter and the disposable flashlight.  So making life more convenient is something of a family tradition.

And as the father of five daughters—a built-in focus group for premium moisturizers, body washes and shampoos—he made sure that every Squeeze Pod item met the highest standards for healthy, natural goodness.

Which is why we call him The Podfather.  And why you’ll call him the Traveler’s Best Friend.


Pack Light. Travel Easy!

Kevin S. Garrity

Founder & CEO

Meet the Podsters

Kevin S Garrity

Founder and CEO

Tina N. Garrity

Vice President of Corporate Giving

Ed Ilewicz

Vice President of Manufacturing

Sheila Kuever


Michael Shirley

Business Development Manager

Mike Gertsch

Shipping Manager

Trout Ilewicz

Security Manager



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