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Best Gifts for Summer Travel

Every travel enthusiasts needs an arsenal of gear and products to make their trips smoother. From the first-class traveler to the adventurous backpacker, this array of travel gift ideas has something for every explorer.

All-Terrain Pants

A pair of convertible pants is an ideal gift for the innate adventurer. These rugged pants convert from full length to shorts within seconds, perfect travel pants for every backpacker!

Packing Cubes or Travel or Travel Pouches

Packing cubes and travel pouches or drawstring bags are the best travel size gifts for those who are avid, stylish travelers. Madewell has a range of chic travel pouches that are great organizers and have the added benefit of being fashionable.


Travel Backpack

If you are still lugging around a tom-backpack from your high school days, it’s high time to upgrade.

Solo, Deuter, and The North Face are a few of the many offering sturdy backpacks that can withstand being thrown from the train to the plane to the cab and back--without becoming ragged and beaten.

Any traveler, new or seasoned, will definitely love these backpacks: Solo, Deuter, and the North Face.

Leatherman Multi-Tool

Although not TSA-approved, this Charge TTI multi-tool is equipped with a steel blade, pliers, crimper, saw, cutters, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener.

This lightweight, pocket tool is a perfect gift for outdoor fanatics or campers who love getting away life’s hustle and bustle and modern conveniences to hike, trek and survive in the great outdoors.

Action Camera

Want to splurge in a pricey gift? Surprise your sports and outdoor enthusiast friend with an action camera like GoPro Hero.

If they love surfing, climbing, and other extreme activities, they will love this waterproof and mountable camera. It captures action shots in HD without the heavy professional gears. An action camera will certainly take their adventure photography to the next level.

Travel Journal

Give your jetsetter friend a leather bound travel journal that he or she can treasure. The unique designs turn an otherwise simple gift into a customized present that reflects his or her interests.

Whether to document their travel stories or simple doodle or make drawings of the places and the people they see, this slick travel journal makes an incredible travel present.


Every traveler needs something to fight boredom while traveling. If your friend finds puzzles and games amusing, give them a Sudoku book for endless plane or train entertainment. If they simply enjoy reading and mystery novels, Roberto Ampuero’s The Neruda Case may be the perfect gift.

It is a Chilean mystery with an intriguing plot that will have your friend itching to travel.


For the techie traveler, a kindle might be a better alternative. This makes carrying around bulky books a thing of the past. An e-reader like Kindle PaperWhite is one of the best among the bunch. It can store novels, dictionaries and travel guides. These are very useful for overseas travelers.

Toiletry Kit

Having a travel size toiletry gift set is an important part of an avid traveler’s gear. Squeeze Pod offers some of the handiest toiletry products around. What makes these single-use products great is they are leak-proof… you do not have to worry about shampoo spilling in your suitcase. Making them the perfect travel size gifts.

In addition to their compact, on-the-go natural personal toiletry essentials, Squeeze Pod offers well-designed travel toiletry organizers, so you can easily pack and carry all your toiletries in one efficient case.

RFID Wallet

Be it traveling for holidays, spring break, or just a summer get away, we must be aware of and protect ourselves from thieves who are always around.

Today, it is easy to be a victim of card-scanning scams when using credit cards for payments or simply carrying cards in your wallet.

For the security-minded, a wallet or protective sleeve with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) will help ease your mind while travelling. The wallet has specialized technology that will keep the traveller’s card safe.

Power Pack

It’s often a challenge to find available power outlets while on the road. The Mophie power pack is a great gift for anyone taking an epic summer road trip across states or taking a one-day business trip. Carrying an extra power pack for their gadgets can be a lifesaver. Give the gift of power.

Iridium GO!

Do you know a traveler who’s going somewhere off the grid this summer? Iridium GO! Is a portable satellite device that gives its users cellphone signals and mobile HotSpot Anywhere in the globe.

Even if one really wants to experience a ‘get away’ without phone reception or WiFi, it’s always wise to have a backup for getting in touch.

Summer Cruise

If the ideal summer getaway for your friend or loved one is the sea, then give a summer cruise.

They will think of you when basking in the summer sun on the way to Bermuda, paddle boarding and swimming with the dolphins or taking in the scenic beauty and peace of the shores if Alaska.

Choose from Norwegian Sky’s four-night round-trip sailing from Miami to Bahamas or Carnival’s six-day round-trip Western Caribbean trip or Ruby Princess’ seven-day round trip cruise to Alaska.

There are numerous summer cruise deals available this season. Give the gift of travel!




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