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8 Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Kids

It is Back to School time which means getting used to a new routine including packing school lunches and snacks for your children.

Foods are you child’s primary source of essential vitamins and minerals. The school snacks you pack for them will provide the energy and nutrients they require for learning and playing.

Without the right set of foods to energize them at school, your child may find it hard to concentrate during classes.

To keep your little one focused and energized all day long, make sure you prepare snacks that are packed with plenty of nutrients.

If you’re plum out of ideas and looking for new healthy snack options for the coming school year, try these eight kid-friendly snack recipes that can keep your child active, happy, and healthy.

Fruit Sushi Rolls

If your child refuses to eat fruits, try presenting them in an entirely new way. With fresh fruit and peanut butter as toppings, you can easily whip up a quick and nutritious snack that resemble a cute sushi roll.

You can make some with bananas for a twist on the classic banana and peanut butter sandwich. Simply peel the fruit, coat it with peanut, soy or sunflower-seed butter, top it off with toppings of your choice (Rice Krispies, Chia seeds, crushed pretzel, or shredded coconut), and then cut it in bite bite-sized pieces.

You can also use vitamin C-packed strawberries (or any kind of fruit) as your main fruit roll ingredient.

The fiber and potassium-rich, one-bite treat is the perfect snack to make for your little ones.


Quesadillas are not only easy to make, they also pack a nutritional punch. They can accommodate any one’s taste palate and make an ideal snack for kids while at school. You will only need four ingredients - butter, shredded cheese, tortillas, and vegetables or meat (or both!)

Try this broccoli and chicken quesadilla recipe from Better yet, experiment with different ingredients such as avocados, beans, olives, mushrooms, celery, shredded chicken, cooked salmon, chopped tomatoes and more. Your child will let you know which one is a favorite.

And if it becomes a favorite snack, consider serving this calcium-rich recipe for dinner.

Tip: Substitute regular tortillas with whole wheat for a much healthier homemade snack.


Looking for a better alternative to chips and dip? Fill your kid’s tummy and fuel his or her brain with hummus and cut -up veggies, pita bread, or salt-free pretzels and crackers.

Made from pureed chickpeas, hummus has a nutty flavor and a thick concentration so it won’t be messy to eat.

What’s more, hummus contains iron, folate, and vitamin B6 to power up your child all school day long.

Ants on a Log

This combo of celery sticks, raisins, and peanut butter is a classic snack of choice to keep your little one going. To spice up the old-fashioned recipe, try a different filling and use “ants”, like granola, currants, sunflower seeds, friend cranberries and peanuts.

There are plenty of ways to mix the recipe up to suit your child’s tastes. A recipe from Martha Stewart’s blog makes use of cream cheese instead of peanut butter and assorted dried fruits and nuts instead if just raisins for a colorful twist.

Fruit Kebabs

Fruit is nature’s “candy” and it comes in every possible size, shape, taste and color. For a fun snack option, cut up chunks of different fruits and thread them onto skewers.

These tasty fresh fruit kebabs provide a delicious, vitamin-packed school snack for your kids.

Want to take it up a notch? Try making apple turtles or apple “speed cars” part snack, part art project. You child will surely enjoy eating these turbo-charged snacks.


Who doesn’t love smoothies? These delicious, refreshing, sippable treats are filled with nutrients and vitamins.

Healthy smoothie recipes are also a great way to sneak a serving or two of fresh produce into your little one’s diet. The sweet taste of fruit and the creaminess of yogurt can easily mask the vegetable’s bland taste.

“Polka Dot” Waffles

Let your child get his or her waffle fix with this whole grain waffles recipe. This fun alternative to the typical peanut butter and jelly waffle gives waffle sandwiches a whole new look and taste.

Simply cut up the waffles into sticks and then spread reduced fat cream cheese or peanut butter on the surface. To finish it off, dot jelly on top.

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes can be a delicious and healthy snack for kids; they are also good source of vitamin A, B6, C, and folate. Plus, they contain more fiber than regular potato.

So toss out the greasy, store-bought chips, and make crispy, nutrient-packed, and satisfying sweet potato chips instead.

While you can always buy some on the groceries, nothing beats homemade munchies. Don’t worry, they’re very easy to make.

So toss out the greasy, store-bought chips, and make crispy, nutrient-packed, and satisfying sweet potato chips instead.

Place the slices on a baking sheet, put them in the oven and you’ll have sweet potato crisps in less than an hour! Nothing beats homemade munchies!

You want your kids to make healthy food choices when they are not at home. So, it is important to help them by providing healthy, tasty, fun-to-eat foods for their school lunches and snacks.

Even the pickiest eaters can be won over with a variety of delicious, fun foods.



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