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8 Awesome Solo Travel Statistical Facts

Traveling solo means planning trips and venturing off on journeys alone. Individuals do not travel on their own because they simply do not fancy traveling with a companion. The motivation for solo travel is a reflection of changing lifestyle patterns.

People seem to be more career-oriented than ever before and many enjoy the independence of making their own travel decisions; they feel empowered and liberated when seeing the world solo.

Solo travel pushes people beyond their comfort zone and brings out their inner explorer. Traveling solo sets the stage to spend time with, talk to, and make new friends with those one may not otherwise approach.

In the ever-changing world of travel, more and more people are venturing out their own. Whether you are a seasoned solo traveler or an amateur backpacker, here are some awesome solo travel facts and statistics that may interest you.

Fact #1: More Women Are Interested in Solo Travel Then Men

Each year, 9 million American women travel overseas alone.

The concept of solo female travel is not new, but it is a growing trend.

Statistics show that 72% of lady travelers in 2014 were enthusiastic about traveling solo and have actually traveled on their own either for work or pleasure.

According to, 59% of women solo travelers would travel alone again in the next 12 months with “a mission to be refreshed and inspired.”

This does not mean that only single ladies make up the female solo traveling population. They survey notes even women with children and partners choose to travel solo.

In addition, a Solo Traveler Blog survey found that over 80% of their readers are women, while only 20% are men.

Fact #2: Independent Solo Travel is Preferred by Many

Solo travelers enjoy the serenity of traveling independently. Out of the 262 respondents of the Solo Traveler Blog’s 2013 survey, more than 80% prefer independent solo travel.

Over 70% of the respondents prefer to travel internationally than to travel locally.

Solo travelers tend to enjoy the backpacking travel over luxury travel, cruises, and adventure travel.

Fact #3: Europe is the Most Sought-After Travel Destination of Women Who Fly Solo

Statistics from reveals that 50% of female travelers pick Europe as their ideal solo travel destination; 33 % prefer the U.S; while the remainder choose Australia or New Zealand.

No matter the destination, most female solo travelers prefer a spa or wellness retreat adventure over a city or beach trip.

Men, on the other hand, are likely to choose cycling and sailing trips when going on a solo adventure.

Fact #4: Budget is the Biggest Hindrance to Traveling Alone

One of the most significant factors in solo travel is budget. When traveling solo you bear the entire cost including means, accommodations and entertainment.

In fact, over 40% of those surveyed said high cost is the main reason they do not travel solo.

Because of the budget constraints, the length of a solo trip is usually shorter than a non-solo trip and typically lasts for only a week.

About 20% of those surveyed wish they had more available time for travel and less worries so they could venture off on exciting adventures more often.

Fact #5: Solo Travelers Make Up a Small Portion of the Traveling Population

Of the world’s traveling population, only 11% are solo travelers. Though this may seem like a small number, it is a huge increase from just a few years ago.

In an infographics article, G Adventures notes a 134% increase in solo travelers since 2008.

Fact #6: Escaping from Everyday Life is the Main Reason People Travel Alone

But this is not the only reason. People travel for numerous reasons. According to Yahoo!, women travel solo because it offers a lot of benefits.

Listed below are 5 benefits of solo travel:

  1. 1. 25% say solo travel allows them to escape from everyday life. Despite ranking 5th among the benefits of solo travel, escaping from everyday life is the main reason most people travel alone.
  2. 2. 26% look forward to experiencing new cultures.
  3. 3. 30% note it’s a “chance to relax and unwind,” as they can travel at their own pace.
  4. 4. 63% take holidays on their own because they feel more invigorated when traveling with companions.
  5. 5. 65% want to travel solo because it gives them freedom to make decisions and be themselves.

Fact #7: Americans are More Likely to Travel Solo

Among the solo travelers in the G Adventure community, 42% are from the U.S. The British make up 40% of the site’s solo traveling community.

Australians and Canadians follow closely at 37% and 35% of the solo traveling population.

Fact #8: The Average Solo Traveler’s Age is 54

The lonely hearts stigma of traveling alone is a thing of the past and more solo travelers are inspired to backpack around the world than ever before. What’s more, the solo traveling community is not limited to the 18 to 30 year old age groups.

Research suggests that the average age of solo backpackers is 54 and the average age is expected to rise in the coming years.

With more and more travelers choosing to see the world on their own, there is no doubt that solo travel is here to stay, especially with the trend’s incredible and consistent growth.

Have you traveled alone recently? How was your experience?



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