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5 Ways to Reduce Travel Stress

2.1 million people fly in the United States every day, some of them may experience air travel stress as well. So here are 5 common ways to defeat travel anxiety and stress.

Still, hard facts do little to calm jittery nerves as you arrive at the airport, find your gate, and board the plane.

After all, most of us drive much more often than we fly, and the entire ordeal of getting aboard the right fight without incidence adds plenty of stress to what is, actually, a relatively safe way to travel.

When you’ve lost sleep from late-night packing and have raced the clock to arrive before your flight’s departure, traveling becomes anything but the relaxing getaway you had hoped.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to enjoy your travels stress-free and relaxed:

1. Get Informed and Plan Wisely

Have a flying checklist of all the must-have items you can’t do without while you’re traveling, and make sure they’re TSA approved so that you don’t have to leave without them after all.

Make sure you’re aware of any potential no-nos.

Also, in order to avoid exorbitant checked bag charges, make sure to travel light and limit your luggage to a single carry-on bag, if possible.

The stress of the TSA check can be avoided by being aware of and following the TSA rules and regulations, such as the 3-2-1 Rule for toiletries.

These rules change as time goes on, so make sure you check before you begin to pack.

You can purchase a wide variety of TSA-compliant toiletries on Amazon, and by planning ahead of time, you can eliminate some of the greatest travel stresses involved in modern flying.

2. Dress Comfortably

As you dress for your flight, make sure to keep warmth in mind since planes tend to be a little chillier than you may be expecting.

Especially if you have a long flight, make sure your clothes are comfortable as well as attractive.

There are plenty of ways to dress professionally without sacrificing comfort, so keep the stilettos in your closet, and travel in your loafers.

3. Pack Beforehand

Even if you travel all the time, you should never assume it’s fine to wait until the last minute to pack.

If you’re not a frequent flyer, a little research before you pack might alert you to some surprises that you’ll need to know earlier than the night before you have to leave.

Have everything all packed and ready to go in plenty of time before your date of departure.

Also, make sure to get to bed early so that you’re fresh in the morning.

4. Arrive Early

Always, always arrive early to the airport! There’s nothing as stressful as depending on perfect traffic as a prerequisite to making your flight.

School bus stops happen; so do traffic jams. If you’ve given yourself ample time, obstructions won’t be enough to rattle you.

According to USA Today, passengers should arrive no later than two hours before a flight.

The last thing you need is to arrive breathless and nervous-looking at TSA. Arrive early and save your confidence - and your dignity.

5. Think Positively

Even if you mind all your traveling ps and qs, there’s something about flying, especially after a full-body scan or uncomfortable pat-down that can just make you jittery.

Make sure to take a relaxing book in your carry on, or headphones to listen to calming music to help you be free of anxiety.

Breath deeply, and try to make light conversation with those around you, particularly if they seem nervous as well. Sometimes, the act of relieving another’s worries will serve to ease your own mind.





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