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  • Squeeze Pod is the new
    travel-size toiletry.

    Single-use pods filled with premium natural ingredients.
    Leak-proof. Lightweight. TSA Compliant.

  • Natural goodness, travel-size

    Squeeze Pod natural toiletries hold
    nothing but premium natural ingredients
    and essential oils, with absolutely no harmful chemicals.

  • Our travel-size toiletries are
    leak-proof. Guaranteed.

    Torture-tested, Squeeze Pod travel-size toiletries
    simply won’t leak. Ultra-portable, they fit right
    into a carry-on bag, handbag or backpack.

"A Travel Must-Have" - Travel + Leisure

Free Shipping On All Orders! (Continental US Only)

Everything you need. The way you need it.

Need toiletries? A ready-to-go travel kit? Or a gift that says "bon voyage" and really
delivers on it? Squeeze Pod has you covered.




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