• Natural Hand Purifier
    (15 Count)

  • Natural Moisturizing
    Lotion (15-Count)

  • Natural Toilet Odor
    Eliminator (15-Count)

  • Natural Shave Cream

  • Natural Hair Gel

  • Sale!
    squeeze-pod-variety-pack natural-hand-purifier-tsa

    Variety Pack

    $9.95 $5.95
  • Carry-On Travel Toiletries Pack
    (includes Variety Pack)

  • Clear Travel Bag (TSA-Compliant)

  • Squeeze Pod Toiletry Organizer



  • I am an elementary school teacher and mother and having clean hands is important to me.  Throughout the day I…

    Kathleen M., Chicago, IL
  • Finally, there is a product that makes life on the road easier!  Squeeze Pod works great, is small and light…

    Tim C., Chicago, IL
  • I am always on the move and Squeeze Pod is perfect for me.  I trust natural ingredients and like that…

    Emily J., NYC, NY
  • Squeeze Pods are traveling & packing game changers.  Best product for traveling with toiletries ever!  They take up very little…

    Rob C., Missoula, MT
  • I travel extensively and I am always in search of a high-quality, travel friendly shave cream. I’m ecstatic that I…

    Kristie T., Putnam, CT
  • I shave my head and I get a great shave with this new Shave Cream by Squeeze Pod.  The pods…

    John E., Sacramento, CA
  • I love the Squeeze Pod Hand Purifier.  It keeps my hands moisturized and clean on the go.  My least favorite…

    Samantha G., Houston, TX
  • Landed in Tokyo after a long flight and had wicked BAD airplane hair! Yikes!  Squeeze Pod Hair Gel made a…

    James T., Boston, MA
  • Traveling 3 out of 5 days per week for business can be challenging.  Squeeze Pod has helped me be ready…

    Kate O., Newport Beach, CA
  • I just discovered Squeeze Pods and am really happy how easy they are to open, and use and carry.  My…

    Tom C., Naples, FL